Friday, March 28, 2008

Buzzing back!

It's been a cold long spell since my last post, I know. Blame it on the snow.

Bitaw, no other season can be more convenient for being lazy than the woebegone months of winter. Cars getting sidetracked due to the slick, that's no far-fetched metaphor for all things, including blogging, gone off kilter. (Pathetic fallacy, you'd say.)

But winter did get into my skin (and also into the sewers of my sinus). Now it's no sweat (or snot) to thumb my nose down at my colonial curiosity for snow. Bitaw, maayo ra gyud nang snow sa pictures, particularly when the landscape of ice sprawls like a coating of fondant cake in the distance, away from the icy slick and sludge down the road nga mora gyu'g sampurado nga gisagola'g ginamos in the vehicles' tracks). Inahak kaayo ning snow, way sama. Kaduha nako madakdak. Sometimes, you have to toddle through a foot of frost. Sangpit pud ka sa tanang santos when driving kay lisod kaayo control sa sakyanan, mosayaw la'g kalit ang ligid because the road can get more slippery than a skating rink. Plus it's no joke having to scrape the layers of icy crap from the windshield in the midst of sub-zero temperature when you have to go out for work or run an errand. Mora pud ka'g tubol tan-awon kay motibugol gyud ka with all the strata of jackets and sweaters, paet! Pagkalami ilupad og balik Cebu.

So now that Spring has come, all I can say is, "Good riddance, Winter!" And while skeletal trees now brace to burst its shades of greens along with the birds and gardens get into the rhythm of bees again, this is just to say it's timely more than ever to get back into the groove of blogging.

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